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All Credits and Rights to Zuffa and the UFC

UFC 164 Preview

We are back and better than ever.  What a great week to return, two UFC events in less than a week.  The fight night event on Fox Sports 1 had some good fights, but Saturday...

Kevin 'Kage' Pearson teaching a standing arm bar.

Women’s Self Defense

In our previous self defense article we discussed basic street fighting movements and tips that were not only generally applicable to everyone but could also help save your life in an emergency. Statistically speaking a woman...

Grappling Competition

Bullying and Mixed Martial Arts

The overall concept of bullying awareness and prevention has been recently thrust into the forefront of the media, legislative bodies and school systems due to to the a progressive recognition of the debilitating and traumatic...

United States Military Hand-to-hand Combat Chokehold

Street Fighting and Self Defense

First off all street fighting should be avoided at all costs under almost all circumstances. In the street there is no referee to stop the fight, there are no rules, it is illegal, and you...

Welcome to Swole Science

Welcome to Swole Science

  Welcome to Swole Science is an online publication dedicated to the improvement of athletic ability focusing on, but not limited to combat sports, and strength training. Swole Science will feature – Strength training...

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