Combat Sports and Chess

Combat Sports and Chess, a match made in heaven

Behind the assumed stigma of violence that continues to intrigue and haunt the world of martial arts since its globalization in the later half of the 20th century, there is a a calm calculated world of complicated lightning strategy that must be identified.

Martial arts and in its recent evolutionary advent- mixed martial arts, there is a reflex like break down that occurs in hundreths of seconds in every moment of training and competition.

There is no team, no help and there is only yourself against an opponent. An opponent that must be studied, examined, broken down and dissected to the finest detail in order for you to win. In comparison, a fighter must be dynamic, adapt, evolve, and above all: identify and protect his weaknesses, only to show his strengths when the time is right.

Combat Sports allow you to train yourself to do all of these things in between the blinks of your eyes as you strive to outsmart your opponent. If skill and athletic ability are not melded with a sense of self and the ability to strategically break down an opponent then there cannot be long term success. Behind the prehistoric assumption of blind aggression there is a melding of strategy, mental constitution, athletic ability and skill.

In chess and in the game of life, one must learn to identify not only their opponent’s characteristics but their own. Improve yourself in every way possible and realize that the best weapon in any situation is your mental fortitude. Who is going to be in control of you? You, your opponent or fate?

– Papa Swole

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  1. November 5, 2011

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