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Featured Article Written by Professional Mixed Martial Artist Josh ‘The Fire Ball Kid’ Mercado with Papa Swole.

My name is Josh ” The Fire Ball Kid ” Mercado and I will be talking about my favorite and most efficient combinations I utilize in an MMA match. We will be discussing basic striking and grappling strategy in correspondence with combinations.

Josh 'The Fire Ball Kid' Mercado


First is striking, and the most important part about striking is creating movement and angles on your opponent. The goal is to find ways to take control your opponent’s movement so that you can constantly position him in ways that make him not only uncomfortable but also vulnerable.

While you move around setting up your strikes, you want to constantly push with high and low feints. Feints are distractions and fakes that keep your opponent second-guessing not only himself, but you. The constant movement will not let his mind focus on offense or defense and cause him to deviate from his game plan. Always set up your strikes with a feint first, in order to help break apart his defense and find an opening. Lastly, remember to utilize leg kicks at all times. Even when attacking with your fists or to the head, pay attention to your opponent’s footwork. When your opponent is being attacked they will not distracted by the constant wave of other strikes and a strong leg kick will allow you to do significant damage because they are off balance. Not only will the kick damage but it will allow you to break down his balance, endurance, set up another combination or allow you to reset the distance.


Setting up submissions is not as hard as it appears, and what it comes down to is patience and timing. Just like in striking, timing and strategy is everything. One of my favorite submissions is the guillotine choke, for the reason that it is very easy, simple and effective. The set up is simple: when your opponent sets up a takedown, make sure you sprawl but as you are sprawling and pushing the head to the floor make sure you slide you hand down the side of the jaw line and neck, shoot your arm all the way through. Now there are many different ways to finish the guillotine, and it is a topic of constant debate. A common misconception is to crank and pull backwards on your opponent. This is wrong, for the reason that if you are on your back already, pulling back will go nowhere because you are already on your back and give you no room to complete the choke. The best thing to do is to use your hips and body to create the angle. For example once the choke is locked in full/half guard it is still possible to finish. You want to crank it to the side of the arm you are locking your opponents neck with: if the right arm is in, crank to the right, and vise versa left arm crank to left.

As with everything, focus on your speed, explosiveness and timing.

Josh ‘The Fire Ball Kid’ Mercado

Josh Mercado is a professional mixed martial artist with: 5 years of experience in the combat sports world, and has taught Muay thai, brazilian jiu jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Josh is a Brown Belt in MMA, standing at 5’6 and weighing 125-135 pounds

Josh is currently undefeated with a record of 2-0-0 in Professional Mixed Martial Arts. Both wins are via impressive submissions.

Josh “The Fire Ball Kid” Mercado currently trains at Evolution MMA which is located at:

12013 SW 114 Place

Miami, FL 33176


Add Josh on Facebook at- http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=585529326

Also visit his site at- www.thefireballkid.com

Josh is a fierce and calculated athlete that implements his technical prowess, speed and power to dominate his opponents.




-Papa Swole

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