Jabs and Jiu Jitsu


Whether you have entered the combat sports for self defense, fitness, recreation, or to one day have Bruce Buffer scream your name in the octagon, there are fundamentals inherent to the art of combat that apply to any instance they are applied. Mixed martial arts gives athletes the opportunity mix both standing and ground fighting, which in turn provides the most realistic simulation of actual combat.  The two actions outlined are the most prominent movements a fighter must master to be effective on any level and situation, because they provide a widely applicable two pronged benefit of defense and offense.

The Jab

It destroyed Mike Tyson in his title defense against Buster Douglas, allowed the Gracie family to set up their revolutionary take downs, and helped define Muhammed Ali. Each fighting style around the world has a form of the jab embedded in their tactics all to accomplish the same thing, and that is winning. The jab allows a fighter to distract his opponent, attack his opponent, close the distance in or out of a combination, and to protect themselves. It is vital to to both an effective offense and defense no matter what strategy of fighting a fighter has incorporated.

An effective drill is one of repetition and correction, and thus one of the most effective drills is throwing nothing but the jab in sparring or bag rounds from all angles.

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The Guard

Brazilian jiu jitsu captivated the martial arts world for the better part of the twentieth century as the Gracie family dominated combat sports with their unique form of ground fighting. One of the most important realizations is that in any combat situation regardless of when or where, it has the potential to end up on the ground. The use of the guard is the first instinct of a mixed martial artist once he reaches the ground, and is the basis for all other guards, sweeps, and attacks from the position of being on your back. The guard allows for a fighter to defend himself from strikes and submissions while transitioning to an attack when the opportunity presents itself. It should be practiced and utilized as a starting point for grappling drills in order to familiarize a practitioner with it.

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