Motivation and Mindset

Everyone has those days where they can’t seem to focus or stay motivated in their life. The realization of your mindset and how you project yourself within your endeavors is what separates us from succeeding. Our purpose in life is to progress, be it physically or mentally. If you’re not progressing, you’re wasting your life. The key is that with practice and discipline anyone can progress. Doesn’t matter your abilities, or the outlet, if you put in the time, don’t stop and push on, you will progress. Everyday, you will be better than the last. You must have the mental constitution to continue, to push on and realize that the limits on your mind and body are self imposed. We stand in awe of people who overcome harrowing odds and achieve the impossible, they are not ‘different’, they have just realized their self potential.

When the mind fails, the body fails. When you feel like you cannot take anymore, the world begins to close in and the pain becomes too great, you must push past it and realize the body and mind can continue. The mind is almost always the weakest link, and by pushing on you strengthen your mind and body. Nothing worth anything in life was ever accomplished by giving up and inactivity, it is power of the human spirit to do what must be done that accomplishments are made of. Everyone will fail, but the fear of failure is the most dangerous thing, because without trying you will never grow and progress. History remembers those who persevere, who rise up, do not stop, and understand no matter what you create yourself. It is will and mental strength that continues to progress, past the pain, past adversity and achieves. No one can tell you who you are, what can achieve and what you can’t do,  you define yourself, never surrender and never accept anything less than your best in everything!


Rise to the Challenge No Matter What.

-Papa Swole

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4 Responses

  1. Very insightful and inspiring Ryan. I think you bring up some interesting points; when you touched on reaching potential it reminded me of one of my favorite John Wooden quotes: “don’t measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability”. I think this quote is interesting because it points out that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Simply because you are exceptional at your strength, doesn’t make your great. You must do more than your ability.
    I think one of the main obstacles with motivation is not that it’s hard to define it’s source but that people have trouble getting over the obstacles and distractions that take away from the fire behind what may be motivating. Biologically speaking, humans are most comfortable exerting as little energy and effort as possible; pushing beyond this both physically and mentally requires discomfort which we are by nature inclined to resist. Accepting the resistance is easy but being something greater is difficult, hence people in history remembered for persevering and rising up.
    Great article!

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