Mental Strength and Improvement

Mental strength is everything, and it effects all aspects of your life from the time you wake up, to when your hands touch the iron in the gym, and even at your job. It is what defines and allows us to persevere through adversity no matter what. It allows us to reach levels beyond any expectation and achieve the seemingly unattainable, and it is inside all of us. That person you see in the mirror everyday is capable of achieving greatness and improving no matter what the circumstance. The purpose of life is to always try to improve at everything that you do, and just striving to become better than who were the day before. If you improve just 1% a day, everyday- mentally, physically, or emotionally, you’re better than you were the day before, and after 100 days you will be 100% better than before, and thus you are achieving and improving. The truth is that this person you see in the mirror can be anything, and is capable of unbridled greatness. Read more below…

The Navy Seal Drop On Request Bell- Resisting the temptation to ring the bell and quit, and thus pushing on, requires both mental strength and discipline

If you want to start running, it doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 65, you can begin to progress, advance and improve. It doesn’t matter if you will be the next Usain Bolt, but guess what? a year from now you will be better, faster and stronger than you were when you started and that is an achievement. Do not let any limitations allow you to accept a complacent situation based on excuses and negativity. Keep in mind that no matter how difficult things get, just keep going, keep pushing forward, and the fact is that you only fail when you quit, and by utilizing determination and discipline, you will never taste the pain of regret. Everyone can achieve something more than where they are now and improve themselves on some level from your physique to how you are as a person.  Set a goal and go out trying to achieve it, because no one can regret giving their best effort at something…win or lose and no matter what the outcome. Never allow anyone to put you down, bully, or belittle you, what you achieve from your particular situation is what makes your achievement unique, from completing a wheelchair marathon to a championship game, each accomplishment is relative to what it took to achieve it, how you improved and succeeded past the adversity that you faced. What most people don’t realize is that champions are made everyday; they are those who realize their own strengths and weaknesses, and improve these areas by applying discipline and effort through mental strength to go above and beyond what stands before them.


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Rise to the Challenge No Matter What.

-Papa Swole

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