Pre and Post Workout Supplementation and Diet

A synergistic combination of proper preworkout fuel and post-workout recovery is one of the keys to the development of the body for aesthetic, strength, and performance improvement. During training, the muscular fibers of the athlete sustain micro-tears that cause the sensation of soreness. These micro-tears, slowly heal after the workout and thus forth build back the muscle so that it is stronger, faster and with more endurance. This holds true for both, fast and slow twitch muscles, and is the basis for repetitive endurance as well. Athletes must have the fuel and endurance to exert themselves for a long enough sustained amount of time at a high intensity to effectively breakdown the muscle. The inverse to this breakdown is the recovery process, in which muscles are built outside the gym as they are rebuilt with quality nutrients after the workout. Therefore through proper consistent exertion and recovery, the body can systematically develop itself for whatever specific athletic purpose demanded.

The Muscles of the Body


The basic nutritional basis for preworkout is complex carbohydrates for energy and muscular glycogen, combined with easily digestible protein for sustainment of muscular fibers. The ratio should be 2:1, with more carbohydrates than protein. Fat and processed carbohydrates should be avoided because of the excessive strain and energy consumption that it requires, and thus will result in the athlete feeling sluggish and can hinder performance. The proper nutritional profile should be consumed an hour to hour and half before the workout. Supplementation can range from stimulants such as basic caffeine, beta alanine for endurance, and finally amino acids for nitric oxide production and thus vasodilation. All of these are basic proven methods to help stimulate the central nervous system, sustain endurance, and help create an ergogenic benefit. The specific amount and combination depends upon the athlete’s size, tolerance and preference.


Postworkout supplementation is vital to assisting the athlete in preserving, developing and maximizing  the results of their efforts in the gym. While a constant diet is very important to overall athletic performance, the postworkout anabolic window is one of the most important times to adhere to specific nutritional guidelines. Research has shown that there is approximately a 45 minute period after the cessation of athletic activity to which the body is extremely susceptible to nutritional absorption. Within that period, an athlete must consume protein, carbohydrates and any post workout supplementation. This basic outline coupled with a clean constant metabolically stimulating diet has the potential to result in incredibly improved athletic performance, body composition and muscular development.

– Papa Swole

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