Product Review: Custom Faction Mouthguard

Faction Mouthguards sent SwoleScience over one their custom ‘Elite’ guards to review and these are the real world results.

Papa Swole

The Faction Mouthguard kit arrived extremely promptly within a few days of the initial order being confirmed, and came ready to mold. The contents come shipped via the postal service in a small box with the contents packaged in zip lock bags. The kit features varying dental grade molding trays that are three different sizes available to pick from. The molding putty is in four separate vials and mixes seamlessly without any preparation. Facton Mouthguards offers three different levels of guards available to choose from, each varying in layers and design options. The ‘elite’ model is offers the most protection and design options.

Molding Kit

The Molding Process

The molding process as previously mentions uses dental molding trays and features an order form where you detail the customization of your design and text on the guard. The key to this guard is that the mold must rise high on the gums and high into roof of the mouth. Thus, the mold cannot be ‘bitten’ into and must be carefully pressed up against the upper jaw and the gum must be lifted out of the way. The process is available online directly from Faction below.

In order to send the guard back out, you must go to back to the post office and resend it.

The Custom Guard

The turn around on the guard was a week and a half, which was well under the projected time of several weeks. This turn around was especially impressive give the custom art work that was integrated into the guard.

Custom Guard


The faction mouthguard offers an exceptional of customization and this guard exceeded our expectations with its outcome. The guard has a sealed glaze over the design, that allows for a glossy look over the embedded artwork. The art work is perfectly anatomically aligned, providing your opponent the readable message when wearing and the centered fangs. This guard in particular was a basic design that should not be a definitive factor of the quality of work that Faction exhibits. The gallery of featured guards on the Faction website shows intricate designs that truly show the showcase of options available to the athlete.

Performance and Fit

The Faction guard fit is truly exceptional. The guard fits extremely high on the gums and to the inside of the mouth. Yet, the guard is slightly thinner in these areas as to not sacrifice comfort to the user in anyway. The best feature of this custom guard is that not only does it fit extremely tightly on your teeth but it grips your entire upper jaw above the gum line and along inside of the mouth. By having the guard rise so far up along the gum, the shock of impact to the teeth was reduced by having not only the teeth protected by the jaw and roots of the teeth. The resulting fit is so concise that remove the guard, you actually have to pry it off your teeth slowly. Another feature of the guard is the material has varying thickness that provides a slim profile within the mouth but protection where there is the most pressure. The guard did not fall out, misaligned or shift in even the heaviest of impacts. Also, with regard to shock and protection the guard provided an almost total reduction of the initial shock from jaw impact.

Lower Jaw Impression


Out of the box the guard fit exceptionally well with regard to bite. Being able to bite down on the guard without the awkward feeling of something ‘propping’ it open, which is a common occurrence in mouthguards. Faction mouthguards offers optional instructions for the molding of a lower jaw impression into the guard, which is displayed above. The impression allowed for me to bite down on the guard during any intense scrambles, flurries and even during circuit weight training. This in turn offered the benefits of the boil and bite ‘bite down’ ability with a streamline fit and comfort of a custom guard. The guard fit so well, that there was impeding of speech, breathing and it is the closest thing to having nothing in your mouth at all.


The Faction Elite Custom Mouthguard is $125 dollars, which is average for a self molding custom guard. This price includes the shipment to the user and all aspects of the design. Given the fact that the user can customize this guard in a variety of ways, the great fit and the over all design, the guard is a very good value. The customer service offered by Faction was very helpful to say the least, offering very complete and rapid responses to any questions.


The only negative is the fact that the guard does not come with a return label. This would rapidly speed up the process as some customers do not necessarily live close to a post office, and the delay of going to the actual office.


The Faction Custom mouthguard is an exceptional tool for any athlete involved not only in combat sports but any activity where any dental risk is involved. The fit and customization offers a dental quality fit with the ability to stylishly protect your teeth and brain. Considering the amazing fit, steamline profile, shock dispersing qualities and overall experience, this product is highly recommended.


The Faction Custom Mouthguard can be purchased at-
-Papa Swole

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