Product Review: Eggology Egg Whites

Eggology graciously sent us over a case of their 100% Egg Whites for review. Egg’s are an excellent source of protein that have proven themselves to be a staple of not only the modern diet but even more so with athletes. This product is liquid pasteurized egg whites that are ready to consume and contain only the white portion of the eggs. These are the real world observations and review of Eggology egg whites over four weeks of training.

Eggology 100% Egg Whites

Egg’s consist of two parts: The yolk and the Albumen (egg white). The egg white surrounds the egg yolk is consists mainly of over 40 types of dissolved proteins in water. Eggs whites have an extremely high bioavailability which translates to an a very high ratio of protein absorption by the body and thus eliminates waste, reduces the amount of protein needed to be consumed at one time and places less strain on the digestive system. Eggs allow for a cheap, easy and versatile form of protein that is inherently vital to gaining and maintaining muscle mass on any level of athletic performance.

Since eggs are an animal product there is a propensity for contamination, hormonal manipulation of the chickens, and bacteria. Eggology egg whites address these issues by being:

  • Organic
  • Salmonella Tested
  • No additives
  • USDA approved
  • Cage Free
  • Pasteurized and Kosher

According to Eggology, there are 4-5 egg whites in 1/2 a cup of their product. This translates to 1 egg white = 2 tablespoons.

What truly sets this product apart is the ability to drink them. Ever since we saw Rocky drinking an entire cartoon of eggs, every athlete has been curious as to the convenience of drinking this protein rich food. The protein of an egg white is the only protein available that is instantly absorbed by the human body without having to undergo the body’s natural breakdown process to extract the protein yet, the main issues with drinking store bought eggs is Salmonella poisoning and Biotin deficiency. Eggology addresses this by testing their eggs for Salmonella, and pasteurizing the eggs to neutralize the Avidin which is a the protein that causes the Biotin deficiency. Therefore allowing them to be consumed safely ‘raw’ without the adverse health effects generally associated with the consumption of raw eggs. Additionally to being able to be consumed raw, these eggs can be cooked, used in recipes and consumed normally.

The Experience

The Egg whites came extremely fast in a sealed styrofoam dry ice cooler and partially frozen. The egg whites can be frozen and kept indefinitely, and have a refrigeration shelf life of 3-4 months. The egg whites have a very unique consistency that is unlike their store bought cousins. Normal egg whites are very slimy and mucus-like consistency, while these have a more watery consistency which is a result of their pasteurization. The egg whites are tasteless which gives them a very welcomed versatility of mixing with other drinks. The egg whites have the ability to mimic the taste and consistency of whatever you mix them with, from orange juice to milk, their presence within the mixture was undetectable. There was no separation, presence of taste, or uncomfortable texture. The chosen mixture was a cup of juice and a cup of eggology first thing in the morning, after training and occasionally at night. This yielded 26 grams of protein per serving which translated to an extra 52-78 grams of protein per day which was a welcomed addition to constant mixed martial arts and strength training.


After four weeks of training without any additional protein supplementation, and no additional variation in diet, there was a 5 pound weight gain noticed. This weight gain was the first of such in over a year, and there was a noted improvement in body composition towards a more lean physique due to the extra protein being introduced. There was none of the usual ‘protein bloat’ after consumption, no gastrointestinal sicknesses or out of the norm conditions noted.


64oz container yielded 8 one cup servings, which at two cups a day was 4 days of protein. Eggology sells 64 oz containers in a case of 4 units for $85.88, which gives you at this higher rate of consumption gives you 16 days of consumption at two cups and 52 grams of protein per day.  A reduced serving of one cup a day, 26 grams of protein per day, translated to 32 days of protein, which is enough additional protein for a post workout shake. These prices are significantly higher than the average powdered protein shakes an athlete is generally used to, but the advantage of being a pure highly bioavailable protein can yield significant gains with the correct training regimen.


The first negative is the price, at $85.88 this product is significantly more expensive than the average protein supplement, especially when consumed at higher rates. The second negative is portability. Generally, an athlete can take a powdered drink or RTD anywhere to consume anywhere and anytime. The need to refrigerate this product and its sensitive nature means that it must be kept in refrigeration which limits its portability, which can be an issue when additional protein is needed on the run. The last element to mention is more of an inconvenience, due to the heavily increased consumption of eggs, there is a significant increase in sulfuric flatulence that can become socially awkward in many situations. Although this is not necessarily a negative, it is a noted side effect that the user should be aware of.


Eggology egg whites provide an athlete with an all natural safe form of protein that coupled with correct training can significantly benefit the athlete’s protein intake to increase muscle mass and strength. The absence of the traditional side effects from consuming other forms of supplemented powder protein, easy consumption, coupled with the breaking of a body weight plateau, results in a quality product that is very useful to any athlete looking to improve their body weight composition, strength, and mass.

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-Papa Swole

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