Product Review: Hand Accelerated Nutrition L-Glutamine

Hand Accelerated Nutrition sent us over a tub of their new pharmaceutical grade wheat L-Glutamine Peptide. L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid within the body and has a vast variety of health benefits not only to athletes but everyone. This L-Glutamine is in peptide form which is touted as a more digestible and with better bioavailability than other forms of L-Glutamine. These are the real world observations of the use of Hand Accelerated Nutrition L-Glutamine.

Hand Accelerated Nutrition L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine is used within the body for a variety of functions and most notably:

  • Protein synthesis
  • Regulation of acid-base balance in the kidney by producing ammonia
  • Cellular energy
  • Nitrogen donation to anabolic processes
  • Recovery after surgery and injury
  • Tentative evidence of increase of plasma human growth hormone levels by stimulating the anterior pituitary gland
  • Nontoxic transporter of ammonia in the blood circulation
  • Increasing intestinal permeability and gut stability
  • Strengthening of the immune system

L-glutamine is useful to all athletes particularly for its recovery capabilities by allowing the athlete to recovery quicker, reduce soreness and reduce the stress on the body (particularly the immune system).

Taste and Mixing

The powder is a wheat derived and has a slight dry wheat taste that is evident within water and other light drinks. The glutamine mixes best within juice and smoothies, as stronger flavored drinks dissipate the taste. The taste is not particularly bad or pleasant and is a bland taste when mixed with water that is easily tolerated. It does not have the bitter or tart taste normally associated with other powder amino acids. When mixing, it is best to place the liquid in first and then add the powder as the glutamine has a propensity to stick to the container if it is put in first. The amount mixed in to achieve 5 grams is very small considering the dose, so the taste is easily assimilated in a very small amount of liquid.

Scoop of Glutamine


This form of glutamine is not the basic ‘free form’ and this natural wheat based form is very easily digestible. There is only ONE ingredient on the label and that is ‘L-Glutamine’, which in the supplement world of preservatives, fillers and additives almost every pill and powder, this is very remarkable. Every last bit of powder is Glutamine, which is a rarity not only for an amino acid but in the supplement world. The labs are within the United States and GMP regulated and certified which helps establish a level of quality since all dietary supplements are unregulated by the FDA.


Over the course of the weeks of using the L-Glutamine, the following observations were made. It has a very apparent calming effect on the stomach when taken, which supports the studies of L-glutamine’s efficiency as a supportive supplement for the digestive system. It provided reduced soreness and improved recovery time, especially during two-a-days. Overall bodily wear and tear, along with persistent soreness are the hallmarks of overtraining as the athlete attempts to push themselves day in/day out, the cumulative effects of overtraining begin to take hold. The use of L-glutamine helped to reduce the signs of overtraining and therefore allowed for more intense workouts with greater frequency than without it.  In addition, there was no experiences with any illness such as colds and flu’s while taking the glutamine. Whether this is coincidence or not, athletic exertion does take a toll on the immune system and glutamine supports a healthy immune system. The loss of time, strength and muscle during time of illness are detrimental to any athlete at any level, and therefore this product provides a layer of preventative supplementation. In the weeks prior to a competition, supplementation offers enhanced recovery and immune support that can help support performance when needed. There were not noticeable side effects and it was dosed at the recommend 15-20 grams per day (3-4 scoops).


One scoop provides 5 grams of glutamine which is a substantial amount for recreational athletes and inactive individuals. As your level of intensity rises, the dosage should as well. The tub provides 100 scoops which is 500 grams of glutamine for $39.99 . This translates to approximately .39 cents per scoop. This is higher than some other brands of Glutamine but considering this provides a pure bioavailable high dosage that would take dozens of pills or scoops of other brands to replicate, it offsets the higher cost.


The only negative is that the tub is oversized for the product, and therefore you have to stick your hand down in the jar as the product becomes depleted, and can become annoying. With the product itself, there were no side effects or defects with the formula.


Hand Accelerated Nutrition L-Glutamine peptide is a great product that provides a very high level of pure glutamine for athletes or health enthusiasts. This is a great product for any athlete looking to enhance their recovery time and improve their performance with 2-a-days or competition. Considering the enhancement of recovery, reduction soreness and continued overall performance at a high level of athletic exertion, this product provided excellent support. Not only is it excellent for performance but it also is great for overall health and immune system function. Considering the ingredients, value and overall experience of its effects this product is recommended.

To directly order Hand Accelerated Nutrition L-Glutamine please email the company at-

Hand Accelerated Nutrition L-Glutamine is locally available at:

Smoothie Time

(504) 456-2015

3908 Veterans Memorial Blvd, #4,

Metairie, LA 70002

-Papa Swole

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