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Everyone has seen weightlifters, strongmen, powerlifters, bodybuilders, gymnasts, mountain climbers, and other athletes at some point utilizing chalk for their grip while training. Chalk has been a staple ergogenic tool for increasing the overall grip of the hand by drying the normally oily skin of the hand and proving a rough medium to convey more strength. Primo Chalk sent us over some of their unique formula of this classic and simple tool and these are the real world results.

Primo Chalk Ball and smaller sample pack

In order to convey strength and torque through grip there must be maximum contact and translation of force. The naturally oily hands deter this by creating a slick surface that does not allow full conveyance of torque. This condition is further exasperated by the presence of sweat from exertion that adds additional oil and moisture to the surface of the hands. When an athlete attempts to pull, grip, or control a weighted bar, their grip will effect the weight they can utilize and therefore detriment their training progression. The lack of proper grip application also hinders proper development of grip strength which is invaluable to strength and combat sports athletes.

Normal grip chalk is comprised primarily of a fine powdered magnesium carbonate. Primo Chalk takes the standard formula of grip chalk and adds a blend of oils that separately have been deemed to have significant antibacterial properties; particularly staph bacteria, which is a reoccurring health issue among athletes. The blend of the oils are Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary essential oils. The chalk also has an additional drying agent which keeps the chalk significantly drier and thus increase the life of the chalk by reducing applications.

Primo Chalk


The chalk bag came in a larger ziplock bag and was immediately placed in a small tupperware container. The tupperware container is the best way to keep the chalk while on the go and in the gym. The chalk has a very pleasant smell that smells like a mix of Eucalyptus and menthol. The chalk adheres to the hands very easily and is extremely tacky. It does not come off easy once applied, and only requires that you stick your hand in the tupperware bin and squeeze the bag one time with each hand. The adherence properties of the chalk reduce the usual mess of chalk in the gym by staying on your hands, and avoiding the traditional ‘juggling of the chalk bag’ motion. Since you only have to squeeze the bag one time every few times a workout the chalk lasts a lot longer than normal chalk. The bag of chalk after constant use for over a month is pictured below. As far as strength is concerned, a BOAD athlete training partner was able to pull a 505 pound raw deadlift, while weighing 160 pounds and using Primo Chalk. This chalk is a great product because it takes a traditional product and improves it with beneficial antibacterial and increased adherence properties. Furthermore, not only did it assist in the ability to grip more weight naturally but did so without the added mess of standard chalk as well.

Primo Chalk bag after a month of use


Primo Chalk sells a set of four chalk balls directly on their website for $19.95 each. This equates to around $5 per chalk ball. Available amounts vary from  smaller sample sizes for $10, up to large five gallon bulk buckets for $85. Primo chalk also offers a DOUBLE money back guarantee on all orders, which is a very confident assertion in their product. Given the performance, longevity of it’s use and overall experience, the price tag is a good price.


There were no negatives with this product.


This product allowed for better development of grip strength, provided excellent control of weights, and was a great addition to the strength training regimen. The chalk requires less repeat applications, produces almost no mess and lasts exponentially longer than standard chalk. Overall this is a great product conceptually in it’s use but also because the added disinfection and adherence properties.

To purchase Primo Chalk check out their website at-


-Papa Swole

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    primo chalk is off the hook! works really well in the gym! great review as usual papa swole. alpha.

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