Product Review: Shock Doctor Compression Shorts and Groin Protector

Shock Doctor sent us over two of their compression short variations, and one of their groin protectors, all of which are specifically designed for high impact training and competition. These shorts and groin protector offer very distinct designs that implement new technology that is designed to protect the combat sports athlete. This equipment and technology was put to the test, and specifically utilized in various forms of combat over an extended period of time and these are the real world results.

Compression Shorts and Groin Protector


Shock Doctor ShockShin 5-Pad Extended Thigh Impact short

Shock Doctor ShockSkin 5-Pad Extended

The Shock Doctor ShockSkin 5-pad extended thigh impact short is an armored compression short that introduces a revolutionary padding system that allows for protection and motion. The shorts are comprised of 5 strategically placed pads-

  • Two that protect the upper thigh and hip
  • Two that wrap around the leg directly above the knee. This pad protects from the front area directly above the knee, the side of the thigh and the rear of the thigh.
  • One tailbone pad.

The shorts are extremely light weight and there is surprisingly very little impeding of movement. The padding is grooved and therefore allows for unrestricted flexing. The grooves also allow the pads to form to the specific parts of the body for maximum protection. The pads are approximately 1/4 of an inch high and provide exceptional shock disbursement, especially given the low profile and weight of the shorts. There are no threaded seams and the shorts implement a reinforced ‘X seam system’ similar to a wetsuit for added comfort. There is a cup pocket which fits the Titan Alloy cup very nicely and gives full protection. The material of the shorts is slightly thicker than normal compression shorts but it is not obtrusive. One of the most important features of the shorts are the integration of antimicrobial fabric for the shorts, which with the risk of staph and other gym germs is a welcome addition.

ShockSkin Padding and Grooves

The shorts fit excellent and blend in well beneath mixed martial shorts. The best combat sports application for these shorts is kickboxing. The shorts allow for repeated high intensity leg kicks to be withstood day in and day out. This protection can be very valuable when an athlete is constantly training at a high level of intensity and cannot risk injury.


The shorts retail for $64.99 directly from Shock Doctor, which is on the high end for compression shorts. Yet, if you are an athlete with a higher need for protection, the increased price may be justified.


The only real negative is since the shorts are so application specific to high impact. The shorts are not of much use while grappling, as the padding and design offers no real support to this area and the pads have a tendency to feel awkward when grappling. These shorts are truly designed for high impact and performed best while sustaining standing strikes. Also, the price of the shorts is high within the range of compression shorts but then again this does offer substantial protection to the lower appendages. 


Shock Doctor has managed to create a versatile compression short that offers excellent protection from powerful strikes while still being comfortable.


Shock Doctor Martial Arts Padded Shorts

Shock Doctor Martial Arts Short

The Shock Doctor Martial Arts Padded Shorts are specifically designed shorts for the combat sports athlete that offer protection where it is needed most. The shorts offer 4 specifically placed very low profile pads.

  • 2 pads extend from the top of the hip to the base of the thigh.
  • 2 slightly thicker pads wrap around the inner thighs.

These shorts are very light weight and are almost identical to standard compression shorts. The outside pads are very thin pads that conform to the body as if they were not there. The pads are uni-body and have small flex groves in them to prevent ‘bunching’ of the pads. The inside thigh pads are, as aforementioned slightly thicker and have the same flex groves for comfort. The pads reduce the sting and pain of repeated leg strikes along with significantly reducing inner thigh trauma from grappling. These factors make the shorts excellent for vigorous training without repeated injury or discomfort. There are no threaded seams and the shorts implement a reinforced ‘X seam system’ similar to a wetsuit for added comfort. There is a cup pocket which fits the Titan Alloy cup very nicely and gives full protection. The benefit of the pads is that they are slightly reinforced compression material that gives the benefit of the conformity, fit and comfort but added protection.

The Leg Gripping System and Padding

The Shorts fit excellent under any style of shorts because of their low profile. Additionally, the shorts are thin enough to for cross training such as weight training without any discomfort. The leg gripping system allows for the shorts to stay put on the leg while kicking and grappling and therefore is a huge benefit in repeated sparring sessions and extended grappling rounds. The best benefit derived from the shorts was while grappling. The inner thighs of grapplers are constantly a point of bruising and trauma due to the extensive use of this area during submission grappling. These shorts reduced discomfort to the level that there was still the ‘feel’ of grappling but reduced bruising from repeated pressure.


The shorts retail for $49.99 directly from Shock Doctor. This is within the upper average for most higher quality compression shorts and offers the added convenience of the padding system.


The only negative is since the shorts are so applicable that the price may hinder the ability to buy multiple pairs of shorts. Additionally, given the risk of bacterial infections during athletic activities, it would be nice to see the utilization of antimicrobial material.


These shorts definitely offer the comfort of reducing trauma while still mimicking the classic feel of compression shorts without any discomfort.


Titan Alloy Flex Cup

The Titan Alloy Flex

The titan alloy flex cup is a contoured metal groin protector that is extremely strong and provides exceptional comfort. The cup features:

  • Metal construction
  • Gel contact edges
  • Vent system

With regard to an athlete’s groin, no material is ‘too strong’ to protect this sensitive area and the choice of metal is a welcome addition to the extreme contact in contact sports. The biggest complain with groin protectors is comfort and the Titan alloy flex cup mitigates any discomfort by using a thick gel buffer around the edge where the it contacts the body. This gel system is thick enough to not only cushion impact but reduce chafing and the rigid feel of standard groin protectors.


This groin protector retails for $29.99 directly from Shock Doctor. This is higher than the standard ‘cup’ but given the protection from impact to the groin and the comfort, the cost is offset.


There were no negatives with this product.


This is a high performance groin protector that offers the protection of metal and the comfort of gel.


Purchase any of these products directly from Shock Doctor at-


-Papa Swole

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