Product Review: Sprawl MMA Hoodie

After reviewing the Sprawl Fusion-S and Fusion II shorts last year, Sprawl was gracious enough to send us over another one of their products for review- the MMA hoodie. This piece of apparel claims to combine some of the best aspects of the traditional sprawl shorts, athletic hoodies, and some new unique features into an all around versatile hoodie. How does the Sprawl MMA hoodie perform under the pressures of intense training and do these features really work? Read more below to find out…

The Sprawl MMA Hoodie


The hoodie is basic black with contrasting color accents on the hand pockets, shoulders, and interior of hood. The look of the fabric combines the soft look of a casual hoodie and the plastic sheen of a warm up. The fabric has a very slight sheen to it but significantly less than traditional athletic warm ups. The fabric is a fast drying moisture management blend that does not hold water and dries very fast which comes at a tremendous advantage during athletic application. Furthermore, hoodie’s actual design is bold and rugged while still being minimalistic enough be worn virtually anywhere.

Sprawl MMA hoodie

Fit and Features

The hoodie has an excellent athletic fit that tapers to the body at specific points in order to minimize excess fabric while still allowing enough room for athletic endeavors. The first key feature of the fit is the elastic waist and wristbands. These bands both keep the hoodie in place during training and create a very comfortable fit that does not appear too baggy. The second feature is that the hoodie tapers down to the waist, which helps to reduce the “bottom-heavy” look of most hoodies, where most of the excess fabric pools at the hands and waist. The hoodie is very light weight but still possesses dual layered insulation which provides excellent conductivity of heat for both comfort and warming up. The MMA hoodie also boasts specific features that are specifically implemented to assist the athlete.

The 1/4 Zipper- This feature allows for the hoodie to be not only quickly removed but to be put on or removed with sparring headgear on as well for  added convenience.

Sprawl 1/4 Zipper

The Storage Pocket- The front hand pockets are divided in two which means either one can be used to place your hands, as well as one can be used to store items. At the top of the hand pockets there is a hidden zipper which cannot be seen unless the pocket pouch is pulled out and away from the hoodie. This pocket has a small opening but opens up inside to store an MP3 player, keys, phone or anything else while running or training. The hidden pocket is perfectly balanced and under the hand pockets so the contents do not not bang around. Another notable feature is the small slit on the inside of the hoodie which allows for headphones to be discretely wired from the hand pockets through the slit and under the hoodie to the users ears. This places the wires of the headphones all out of the way while running, sparring and training.

Sprawl MMA Hoodie Hidden Pocket

Sprawl MMA Hoodie Headphone Slit

The Thumbholes and Zipper cuffs- The cuffs of the MMA hoodie have two very distinct features which are incredibly functional to an athlete. The first are the thumbholes, which helps keep the hoodie in place and keeps the arms from riding up while in motion. The zippered cuff allows the hoodie’s cuffs to be opened up and zippered over gloves or any other equipment while training.

Sprawl MMA Hoodie Zippered Cuff

Sprawl MMA Hoodie Thumbholes

The MMA hoodie has performed extremely well under intense training conditions. After a eight weeks of use it is still to this day not stained, ripped or discolored in away.


The MMA hoodie costs $62.50 directly from Sprawl. This price places this product in the average price range for normal hoodies. Given the very unique athlete specific features, versatility and performance, it is well worth the price.


There were no negative aspects with this product.


The Sprawl MMA Hoodie is a very reasonable priced hoodie that offers the athlete training specific features.

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-Papa Swole

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