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Rashguards are a vital piece of equipment not only to the combat sports athlete but to all athletes due to the protection and benefits that they provide. Sprawl was able to send us over two of their combat specific rashguard styles to be put to the test and reviewed, these are the real world results.


As an athlete, proper equipment and attire for the maintenance of health and safety is key. Rashguards are generally a thin stretchy top that maintains a tight fit to effectively behave as a secondary protective layer of skin. The benefits of rashguards are not only limited to protection, they also repel moisture, prevent chafing, and help keep muscles warm during training which can help avoid debilitating tears. Athletes from football players to runners utilize the benefits of rashguards in conjunction with competition and training. Rashguards are specially important to the combat sports athlete due to the close contact and protection they offer. Exposed skin combined with an unsanitary partner, mats or glove/shin guard can sideline an athlete with potentially life threatening infections.

Sprawl Short Sleeve Grappling Vented Top

Sprawl Short Sleeve Grappling Vented Top

The Sprawl short sleeve grappling vented top offers distinct technology that has been integrated into this standard rashguard design. This rashguard features-

  • Heavy duty Lyrca with nylon for durability
  • ‘T-shirt fit’ that is slightly looser than the traditional skin tight rashguard.
  • Triple stitching on all areas.
  • Strategically placed polyester micro-venting vents along the sides of the shirt that extend from the arm to the base of the shirt.

The top is very heavy duty and is significantly thicker than the standard very thin rashguards. The added weight and thickness is not uncomfortable at all, and Sprawl has accomplished this comfort by utilizing a higher grade of lyrca and modifying the cut of the rashguard. Normally, rashguards suffer from rips and runs in the lyrca which is easily torn due to its thin consistency. Due to the aspects of combat sports, the fragility of the traditional lyrca composition poses a extremely difficult reliability issue. Yet, this top has no rips, runs or even scratches in the lycra, which after such extensive use is very impressive. When implemented in the grappling field, the top performed above expectations. The heavy duty lycra showed above average resiliency, and the fit was very comfortable during grappling. Normally, a rashguard is skintight against the body, yet this top fits anatomically similar to a tight athletic t-shirt. During striking there was no impingement of movement or constraint. The top is suitable for all around combat sports and cross training with running or lifting in the same session. It is form fitting enough to reduce chafing and maintain it’s protective features but more comfortable than the traditional skintight counterpart, yet this feature does have some negatives which will explored further.

Vent System

The most impressive feature is the vent system which is comprised of several layers of micro-holes, which yields durability and heat reduction. The vents provide heat and moisture to escape through the sides of the body all the way up to arms, and is exemplified during prolonged training sessions.


The grappling top retails for $39.50 directly from Sprawl. This places the grappling top in the lower end of rashguards with regard to average price. Given the fit, heavy duty materials and stitching, and vent technology this is a very good value given price, cross-applicability and benefits provided.


The only noticeable negative is that the looser fit of the top combined with heavier duty lycra, in conjunction with excessive perspiration weighs down the top and can allow some absorption of the perspiration in the top. The vent system does an excellent job of keeping the top relatively dry but at some points in intense training sessions there a slight sensation of having a weighted down top. This negative was only noticed while standing up, lifting or striking. During grappling, this was not very noticeable, which is expected since this top was specifically designed for grappling.


Sprawl grappling top is a very well constructed, heavy duty, multifunctional, and very affordable rashguard that has integrated technology that blends form and function.


Sprawl Long Sleeve Fight Shirt Repeller

Sprawl Long Sleeve Fight Shirt Repeller

The Sprawl fight shirt repeller is an advanced rashguard specifically designed for combat and has assimilated various levels of technology in it’s construction for the benefit of the athlete.

  • 100% reinforced nylon
  • Triple stitched construction on all areas
  • Blood/Sweat Resistant and never absorbs moisture
  • Antimicrobial fibers
  • ‘T-shirt fit’ that is slightly looser than the traditional skin tight rashguard.

The fight shirt repeller is very unique product with regard to its application as a rashguard. The shirt is extremely light weight with exceptional all around breathability. The repeller top feels lighter than a standard cotton t-shirt but is very strong in its construction. Despite having no lycra, the shirt has an excellent amount of stretch, is very strong, and is form fitting in its construction. The cut of the top is exceptional as it is tight on the arms and upper torso while tapering off, similar to an athletic cut t-shirt. There was an level of skepticism with regard to the overall reliability and longevity given its unorthodox construction. Yet, after being extensively used, the shirt has no runs, scuffs, rips or tears anywhere on it. There are very stark benefits that stem of the technology of the repeller that truly set this top apart from all other rashguards reviewed or used, including the aforementioned grappling top. First, the top has antimicrobial treated fibers which creates another safety net towards avoiding the ever present infections that plague combat sports athletes. After using the shirt, rising it, and allowing it to dry, the shirt did not develop any odor of mildew or any other smells associated with sweat or bacteria which was very impressive. Secondly, the repeller does not absorb moisture which allows for an incredibly dry and comfortable training session. Not only does this shirt perform incredibly within the combat sports world, it is resilient and comfortable enough for cross over training sessions such as weight training or cardio.  In addition to all of these features found built into the fibers, the shirt repels other bodily fluids and sweat away from the user on its outer layers. This means that during training there is very limited, if any absorption or swapping of potentially life threatening bacteria or bodily fluids.

Long Sleeve Repeller Top

During grappling the top performed unlike any other garment that our participants had been exposed to. The repeller top rendered the user minimally wet, and channeled the user’s own sweat and blood away from them, leaving both the user and training partner significantly drier. When introduced to stand up applicability the top performed incredible as well. The top’s distinct features were apparent and appreciated during close contact situations such as take-downs, clinches and throws. As previously stated, the top also has surprisingly seamless versatility with regard to cross training sessions such as when running or weights are implemented, thus removing the need to change equipment or clothing.


The Fight Shirt Repeller costs $53.50 directly from Sprawl. This price places this product in the average price range for rashguards within the overall athletic market. Permitted the reliability, construction, performance and safety features, this rashguard is well worth the price and offers crucial features than found in other rashguards.


There were no negative aspects with this product.


The Sprawl Fight Shirt Repeller is an exceptional product that not only helps regulate body temperature and moisture during training, but offers reliability and antimicrobial integration, that confers protection of an athlete on multiple levels no matter what the athletic application.

Purchase the Sprawl Grappling/Repeller top at-


-Papa Swole

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