Product Review: Twinlab Endurance Fuel

Twinlab was able send over a jug of their Endurance fuel powder and these are the real world results of its use in a multitude of athletic situations.

Endurance Fuel is versatile product that is built around the premise of pre/during/post workout use. The ingredient formula allows for it to be used within these situations. The endurance fuel features:

  • Defense complex- antioxidants to help with oxidation stress from exercise.
  • Endurance blend- Beta Alanine for endurance, quick release and sustained carbohydrates, and electrolytes for hydration.
  • Recovery Mix- Time released Whey and Casein proteins.

Endurance fuel features a perfect 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein per serving with 20 grams of carbohydrates and 5 grams of protein per serving.

Twinlab Endurance Fuel

Taste and Mixing

The product comes in a ‘citrus burst’ flavor that is very good for a workout powder. The product tastes almost identical to orange powder flavored Gatorade and can be mixed with orange juice or anything else. The product does not clump and mixes very easy with a very simple shaker.


This product is very good for preworkout outs. It gave natural energy, without the heavy feeling of protein or food before a workout. Additionally, the beta alanine helped tremendously. It helps delay fatigue and muscle endurance to give you a longer and stronger workout. The lack of caffeine within the product is also very convenient for late night workouts or workouts where caffeine is not wanted. When stacked with caffeine, the product works as well as many preworkout formulas but this product gives you the option.


Taking and using this product during workouts was very useful as well. The best results were achieved within the last 50% of the workout. As the natural energy began to fade and fatigue began to set in, this product kept the workout going without any digestive discomfort or jitters.


Postworkout use is not specifically recommended within a traditional sense. The protein and carbohydrates are slightly low for a full post recovery and the beta alanine is wasted without physical exertion. Where this product shines, and one of its best specific purposes is ‘two-a-day’ fuel. This is the prefect formula to prevent muscle breakdown, provide energy without jitters, and prevent fatigue when performing multiple workouts in the same day. Since the product is light on the digestive system, is not heavy and won’t hinder your performance.


This product provides 35 servings for $25.99 which comes to around $1.35 per serving. Given the ingredients and results, the serving cost is within the cheaper price range of preworkout products and is a good value. The product does not suffer from the all too common ‘over-sized and under filled’ supplement jar and comes packed to the top.

Twinlab Endurance Fuel



The only negative is also a strength of the product. The fact is that if the athlete wants a stimulant, you must stack the product with additional stimulants. This incurs additional costs and is inconvenient. Yet, this also allows for the freedom of having natural workout energy without an accelerated heart rate that can be detrimental to certain elements of training such as sparring. It is also not recommended for standard post recovery.


Twinlab Endurance Fuel is a great product especially for athletes who cannot or do not wish to use creatine, or want to avoid stimulant jitters. It can be taken multiple times within a day and is excellent for long extended workouts and two-a-days. Endurance fuel gives natural clean energy and endurance that lasts without any additional ingredients that some athletes do not want. For the value and results achieved this product is recommended.


-Papa Swole

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