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USP Labs has gained notoriety by creating very cutting edge and effective supplements that allow athletes to physically and mentally push their limits. With the advent of a slew of new products there has been discussion as to if these supplements follow the company’s previous reputation. One of the newest and most revolutionary products is USP Labs Compound 20 which has left many wondering- ‘how does it work?’ and most importantly- ‘does it work?’ To answer these questions, USP Labs was gracious enough to send over some Compound 20 to be put to the test. But, for this review we went even further, we diversified the reviewers by not only including the usual office staff but by bringing in a 55 year old bodybuilder and a 25 year old male model and professional kickboxer to further broaden the spectrum of the review. Click ‘Read More’ below to see the results!

USP Labs

USP Labs Compound 20

Compound 20 is described as a “revolutionary leaning & hardening cocktail” and “Selective Beta-2 Adrenoceptor Agonist”. The purpose of this product is to improve aesthetic appearance and overall bodily composition by assisting in decrease of fat, and subcutaneous water retention, while improving the overall fullness of the muscular tissue. Compound 20 was given over an eight week trial period and the results with respect to its effects, side effects, and overall experience are as follows.

USP Labs Compound 20

Two pills were taken twice a day spaced out 6-8 hours. Ingredients:

  • N-Coumarolydopamine
  • N-caffeoyldopamine
  • Symplocos Racemosa Extract (standardized for Triterpenoids)

How it works

Compound 20 works through it’s selective Beta-2 adrenoceptor agonist properties, thus stimulating beta-2 receptors, which allows your body to release and burn stored fat at a higher rate and increase muscle mass.

cAMP, or cyclic adenosine monophosphate is an important messenger in your body. cAMP is derived from ATP (adenosine triphosphate). cAMP  is very important for hormones such as epinephrine, muscular blood flood, prevention of muscle breakdown, and the metabolism of protein, sugar, and fat.

Beta-2 adrenergenic receptor is one of the three beta-adrenergenic receptors. These receptors are vital to the adrenaline induced fight or flight response that occurs in the body during times of extreme stress are are targeted primarily by: noradrenaline (norepinephrine) and adrenaline (epinephrine).  Scientists have found the compounds in cocoa (as found in chocolate), work via the same Beta-2 adrenergenic receptor of the pharmaceutical grade clenbuteral. The effects of Beta-2 agonists on the adrenergenic receptors show that the compounds work by providing a rapid increase in muscular protein synthesis that lasts for about five to seven days. After that initial period of protein synthesis induced by the drug, there is a decline, but it is accompanied by a decrease in muscular degradation and catabolization. This anticatabolic effect preserves muscle from from being excessively broken down during training, increases recovery, and decreases recovery time. Studies on beta-2 agonists show an increase in the density of type-II muscle fibers and consistent body fat reduction. One study found a 20% gain in muscle, coupled with a 20% loss of fat when clenbuterol was given for just eight to fourteen days.

The following study shows the effectiveness of the cocoa compounds found in Compound 20 as beta-2 agonists.

“The more cAMP the cells produced, the better the beta-2-receptor stimulated. The figure below shows that, within this category of substances, clovamide and its analogue N-coumarolydopamine are the most powerful beta-2-agonists.” – Reference Link and Study.


We received several bottles of Compound 20 for the review and decided to apply its potential effects to a wide variety of athletes in order to assess its effectiveness. As aforementioned, the age ranges and athletic activities spanned from several decades, and from bodybuilding to combat sports.

Some of our Compound 20 pills

The best way to describe this product, is that is very passive in how it is felt, but very effective in its results. With almost all supplements, the users tend to “feel” the effects such as being stimulated or feeling side effects before, during or after. There were no side effects felt at any time or any sensation. It was as if the testers weren’t taking any product at all, and the only time the users ‘felt’ something was in the gym, regardless when the product was taken. To clarify, the product seemed to be activated by physical activity, but otherwise there were no side effects. During physical activity, the product increased intensity of workouts, endurance, and muscular pumps even if the product had been taken many hours before. This effect was incredibly beneficial because there were no side effects; it could essentially be taken at any time, and most importantly seemed to synergistically work with the athlete’s body to improve performance.

The first effects the athlete noticed were the increased intensity, muscular pumps, and endurance. As the weeks progressed, there was a marked decrease in body fat as well as a significant reduction in subcutaneous water, which resulted in the muscles of the body looking substantially more defined. By the middle of the cycle, which corresponded to the end of the first bottle and beginning of the second, the athletes began to notice that their muscles looked more ‘full’ and ‘pumped’, even when out of the gym. There were also observations of increased strength gains which may have been a result of the increased intensity, but these were steady and consistent.

A tremendous factor of this product, is its versatility and universal application. It can be used to bulk up while helping to reduce body fat, or used to cut down body fat while preserving hard earned muscle, and anywhere in between for whatever goals an athlete desires. Compound 20 offered aesthetic as well as performance ergogenic effects for our athlete testers, no matter what their age or physical activity. Additionally, there were no issues stacking this product with other products such as preworkouts, fat burners, protein, etc.

Our athletes pictures after their use compound 20.

Joe LoCicero- Professional model and kickboxer.

Randy- Natural weightlifter.


The first issue, is that this product must be taken with food or nausea may ensue. This effect is temporary; but the product is best taken with food. The second issue is the ‘feeling’ caused by the product; since people are used to ‘feeling’ a supplement, the passive nature of the supplement can lead some to think that it is not working immediately. Yet, after several weeks, there is no doubt that it is working. The third issue, is that one bottle works well but best results are seen with two bottles. The fourth, and most important issue is water; this product can cause you to feel somewhat dehydrated, especially if your workouts are more intense. The best way to alleviate this, is to drink at least a gallon of water a day.


At $69.99 directly from USP Labs this product is slightly on the costly side, and can be found for approximately ten to twenty dollars cheaper on other sites. This product is meant to be taken in cycles and not consistently taken year round, and therefore the price of a cycle of compound 20 can be easily justified given the results it can provide an athlete.


Compound 20 is an effective and revolutionary product that offered athletes multiple benefits at various levels. We also received small samples of other USP Labs products such as Jack3d and Yok3d, which were also impressive, so look for additional exclusive reviews of USP Labs products in the future.

To Purchase USP Labs Compound 20 check out their website:


-Papa Swole

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