Street Fighting and Self Defense

First off all street fighting should be avoided at all costs under almost all circumstances. In the street there is no referee to stop the fight, there are no rules, it is illegal, and you can be seriously injured or killed. All of these factors coupled with the possibility of multiple opponents and deadly weapons makes street fighting extremely dangerous and generally a one way ticket to jail or the hospital. That being said, since you cannot keep a police officer in your back pocket, there are times when immediate violence is your only defense and therefore is justified for your survival. The art of avoiding, winning and effectively defending yourself will be discussed in this article.

United States Military Hand-to-hand Combat Chokehold

Street Fighting

As aforementioned, given the risks and dangers involved with street fighting it should be avoided at all costs. We’ve all heard “the best thing is to avoid a fight”, and generally this statement has been followed with “ignore them or walk away”. In a realistic world these instructions require a more in depth look how to truly avoid an unnecessary fight.

First, don’t go looking for fights. Aggressive eye contact, pushing, shoving and rude comments don’t impress anyone. They reveal to everyone you are an insecure individual who feels the need to seek physical validation through risky behavior and an all around moron. When pressed with this type of behavior, the best thing to do is to ignore the person and laugh it off, because this is a baited trap into an unnecessary fight. If you are confronted, be calm, non-confrontational, firm and neutral. Address their concerns and defuse it by stating it was an accident, or misunderstanding. Be firm and do not allow them to control your responses but confident enough to be the bigger person in the situation. Yet, this is where it gets tricky, sometimes moving locations, talking and even ignoring the person does not work, especially when the opposing party corners you. Here is where you must quickly assess the situation and prepare to defend yourself. Read your opponents body language, feet placement, possible weapons and other nearby parties who may become involved. The best thing to do is to respond, and attempt to deescalate the situation by talking to the person about the issue and attempt to leave the situation in a calm manner. If the person is obviously hostile and is displaying a forward leaning body language, feet spread apart and body angled, you must assume there is going to be a physical confrontation and therefore properly prepare yourself. Most strikes in the streets are wide looping ‘hay-maker’ full body punches that are slow and telegraphed. When the opponent begins to strike use your hands/forearm to block the strike at his elbow and step in towards the opponent to take the power away from the strike. From this position attack to stun the opponent and attempt to leave the fight. One key factor to remember is the longer the fight lasts the greater the risk of injury, outside parties becoming involved, or being arrested. If the fight continues and becomes a full on brawl, utilize any combat sports training you have and attack vulnerable areas such as the groin and eyes. A knee to the groin, quick strikes to the face, or a well placed rear naked choke are all excellent options. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu chokes such as the ‘rear naked choke’ and ‘guillotine’ have the distinct advantage of being applied from either the ground or standing, and leave your opponent incapacitated and unconscious.


  • Familiarize yourself with basic self defense movements from a chosen combat sport such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai.
  • Avoid the ground at all costs when dealing with multiple opponents. Submissions leave you vulnerable when combating multiple opponents.
  • Assess your opponent. If they are taller than you, get in close. If they are shorter, stay on the outside. If they take you to the ground, obtain the dominate position and attack. Always use your advantage and attack all vulnerabilities of your opponent both physically and strategically.
  • Do not allow yourself to be ‘surprise attacked’. Be aware and prepare your body to defend itself.
  • Attack with effective incapacitating movements such as groin/eye/throat strikes, chokes, punches and kicks.
  • Avoid potentially dangerous physical confrontations at all costs. It’s always better to go home alive than in a bag, hospital bed or jail cell.

Confrontation is a basic social element of society and it sometimes becomes physical. If the situation is unavoidable, defend yourself by mitigating your opponents attacks, and leaving the altercation as soon as possible.

Self Defense

Pepper Spray Demonstration

Self defense and avoiding being the target of criminal predatory behavior is an essential aspect of modern day life. There are numerous steps that individuals can take to help bolster their safety in risky situations and defend themselves. The most important factor to remember is that your life and personal safety is not worth material possessions. Its not worth dying for your cell phone or wallet when these things can be replaced. These tips are for your personal safety and defense.

  • The best defense you have is awareness of your surroundings, especially in high risk situations such as late at night or in a higher crime area. Always be aware of your surroundings and those around you in order to avoid being sneaked up on and being at a significant disadvantage of the aggressor.
  • Try to travel in groups, and do not allow yourself to be caught alone in a high risk situation where you are a highlighted target. Choose well lit, public places and avoid high risk crime areas.
  • Invest in an effective personal defense weapon such as pepper spray or a taser. Both of which are compact, incapacitate the aggressor, and allow you time to escape the dangerous situation. Additionally if you chose to do so, obtaining a concealed weapons permit allows you to arm yourself with a deadly weapon such as a firearm in a concealed manner for self defense. When in a potentially high risk area or situation have your weapon ready to be used while monitoring your surroundings.
  • In a defense situation, it is a matter 0f life or death. Therefore you must implement every weakness your opponent has and those include the aforementioned vulnerable spots on the human body. Claw and gouge the eyes, use your fingers to rip the inside of the mouth and nose, attack the groin and throat, and punch the nose. These are all significant points of weakness that can cause stunning pain that can allow you time to escape.

Immediately after escaping or if you see anyone being attacked, call 911 while continuing to move to safety.

Be Safe

-Papa Swole

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