Supplements: a unbiased view on an empire

Supplements and Their Place

First off, let me say that I thoroughly believe supplements have a place not only in improving bodily performance, but in everyday life for overall health. I am large proponent of supplementing around your needs and body, with regard to your body’s response. Not everyone needs the same supplements, and one should be very careful with what they put in their body. One of the goals of is to review products and share their effect with regard to the user’s reactions and goals. When looking for a supplement, identify what you are trying to supplement and where they may be a deficit in your diet. From this, research what is in the the available products and survey the reviews available on sites such as this. From this, make an educated decision on what to take and while using the product listen to your body whether to see it is right for you.

This was showcased as shown above in the film “Bigger, faster, stronger” (all rights reserved with regard to the video)

Supplement Industry

The supplement is inherently an unregulated entity that has various loopholes available to them, which in turn allows various benefits and drawbacks.

On one end, by being unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration they negate the need for testing, political decisions to withhold products, and avoid the need for prescription. This freedom is the reason that you can go to the mall and buy A-Z in the supplement world. Yet, as with any freedom there comes responsibility. This form of responsibility is one of you being an educated consumer, one that will make a comprehensive and researched decision towards what you put into your body as you lighten your wallet.

This brings us to the other end of the spectrum, with massive recalls of the sudden findings of banned products that went ‘unnoticed’, the ability to simply sell anything under the guise of marketing, and the dangers of playing with your body.

Another example is the findings of hard metals in a Consumer Reports investigation on ‘harmless’ protein powders. Where known, popular brands brandished substantial levels of hard metals in their powders when tested by consumer reports. (Links for reference are located at the end of this article)

Now it can be assumed that these companies have identitied and rectified the situation but this shows that there should be a level of descretion when purchasing supplements.

Exercise discretion with regard to your health

As previously stated, I am a fan of supplements, support their specific uses, and believe that they are beneficial. Yet, I do believe as consumers we should review online/written reviews such as ones that will be offered on this site, research ingredients, and above all listen to your body.

Metals in Protein

Metals in Protein

-Papa Swole

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