Top 10 Songs to Get SwoleScience to

Music can be a tremendous aspect of athletic training. Recent studies have found that athletes heart rates adjusted with the tempo of the music by increasing or decreasing by as much as 10%, without the subject’s knowledge, and when faster paced music was heard while exercising “the participants chose to accept, and even prefer, a greater degree of effort.” Additional studies have reiterated the benefits of music upon the training subject in various training situations thus helping to increase an athlete’s workload, pain tolerance, and intensity.

What music you listen to while exercising, must fit not only the activity being done but most importantly the personal preference of the athlete as well. Check out some of our favorite songs to get our swole on to. Click Read More Below.

Working out with headphones.

Here are some of our top 10 songs (in no particular order) to train from the MMA cage to the weight room.

1) AC/DC – Thunderstruck 

There is no doubting the pure classic rock intensity and powerful build up that has come to define this classic. This is one of those songs that has stood the test of time and can still be heard around the world from weight rooms to football games. Once you hear the epic and haunting ‘thunder’, you know that it’s time to get going.


2) Metallica – Whiskey in the Jar

Despite beating Napster to death, Metallica is arguably one of the best metal bands of all time. Whiskey in the Jar is one of their lesser known hits but it’s melodic, yet consistent hard sound that will definitely help keep you going.


3) 2Pac – Still Ballin’ ft. Trick Daddy

2Pac is one of the greatest hip-hop revolutionaries and artists of all time and almost any song from his extensive catalog could be on this list. We chose his posthumously released collaboration that uses his previously recorded verses and hooks. This song give you classic aggressive gangster rap defined by a unique fast pasted west-coast beat and one of the best hip-hop lyricists of all time.


 4) Guns n’ Roses – Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle is a song that doesn’t quit and is one of those timeless songs that would wake the dead to workout. From Axl Rose’s howling to the guitar solo, this song gets you moving.


5) Any of the Rocky songs

Now with the exception of Rocky 5, the first 4 Rocky‘s are pretty epic in their ability to give you a motivational training montage in 80’s glory. These songs take you back to Rocky, the American underdog, training relentlessly for the win. Besides, we all know it’s hard not to instinctively shadow box when we hear ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

6) Hollywood Undead – Undead

Hollywood Undead burst onto the scene a few years ago and went from being a MySpace band with a fan page to being featured in a Madden video game. Their unique style and beats help create some of the best workout songs around. All you need to know is that they all wear masks and should check out their hit ‘Undead’.


7) Korn – Got the Life

Most of you will remember Korn as one of the pioneers of the late 90’s Nu-Metal movement, which was a unique and popular blend of rap and metal music. While the genre’s popularity has waned in recent years, Korn’s powerful mainstream hit ‘Got the Life’ is one of the best pump-up songs around.


8) Roy Jones Jr. – Can’t be Touched

Roy Jones Jr. (56-8) is one of the best boxers of all time with a total of 21 world titles and a still on-going career. In 2005, he formed the group Body Head Bangerz and released Can’t be Touched as a single. This pump-up song is as good as Roy’s career and continues to be one of the best songs to get you feeling like Roy in the ring.


9) Rammstein – Du Hast

You don’t have to understand German to appreciate this German industrial metal band that sold out Madison Square Garden in 30 minutes and continues to create some of the rawest rock sounds around today. Du Hast has been featured everywhere from the Matrix to HBO’s Entourage, but make no mistake this song is as original and powerful as they come, making it one of top songs to workout to.


10) Kanye West – Stronger 

First of all this song is named ‘Stronger’. Second, it opens and sets the tone with “Now that that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger.” If that doesn’t say it all right there then you haven’t heard this song yet. Set to a remixed Daft Punk, Kanye delivers with a electronic hip-hop hit that will help keep you in the gym till closing time.

-Papa Swole

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