Total Body Women’s Workout

This workout is a basic total body workout that is not only specifically designed for women, but to be done as fast as possible with minimal rest for optimal heart rate and metabolic stimulation. Women tend to shy from weights and maintain a heavy cardiovascular regimen in order to avoid becoming ‘bulky’. This is a common fitness misconception and myth that hinders the physical progression of a woman’s physique. Due to the obvious lack of high testosterone levels in a woman there is no excessive protein synthesis and bulky hypertrophy that can be achieved in men. In addition to polar opposite hormonal structure, the manipulation of the weight and repetition range such as in this workout, allows for the development of tone and  aesthetic definition as opposed to volume and bulk. Weight training yields the dual benefit of burning calories not only during the workout but additionally during the subsequent days after training as the body recovers. Thus, this creates an initial calorie burn, residual calorie burn and sculpts the body in the process. Although cardiovascular exercise is a pivotal component of exercise, weight training should be a pronounced foundational aspect of overall fitness for the best overall results.

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This workout is just one of a series of alternate weight training exercises and schedules that a woman can perform in order to achieve her fitness goals. This workout relies heavily upon the usage of free weights as to be universally applicable for multiple locations and involve more stabilizer muscles for better results. Inversely, many of these exercises can be done with a barbell or dumbbell in the same range of motion.

1) Warm Up– Begin this work out with 10 minutes of brisk elliptical machine/jogging with slight resistance in order to warm up the body and raise the metabolic rate prior to the workout.

2) Dumbbell Bicep Curl to Arnold Press- Grab a pair of 10 pound dumbbells to begin. Place the dumbbells in your hands at your sides with your palms facing away from you (facing what ever is directly in front of you). Curl the weight up to your shoulder. Your palms should now be facing you and at your shoulders. From this position, with a half second pause, press and rotate the dumbbells straight up above your head. When pressing straight up, rotate the weight as it goes up, so that at the top of the motion above your head, your palms are once again facing away from you. In summary, it is a normal open palm bicep curl, with a half second pause at the top of the curl, then a rotating shoulder press. This exercise is done standing, and keep your core steady throughout the motion.

  • Perform Two Sets of 15-20 repetitions. Take a few seconds rest in between sets.

3) Dumbbell Squats/Lunges Superset- Take a pair of 10-20 pound dumbbells in each hand. Hold them at your sides with the top of the dumbbell facing forward, and the inside of your palms facing your thighs. Stand shoulder width apart, slowly squat down till your legs are parallel with the ground and at a 90 degree angle, and thrust back up to a full standing position. Keep your back upright. After coming to a full standing position, without stopping, perform a lunge with each leg, with the dumbbells at your sides.

  • Perform Two Sets of 20 Repetitions. Rest a few seconds in between sets.

4) Abdominal Ball Crunches/Dumbbell chest press Superset- Lie down on an exercise ball centered on your back and allow your abdominal muscles to stretch all the way back. Perform a crunch with your feet planted and keep your core tight as your crunch. After performing your crunches grab some 15-20 pound dumbbells. Lie on the ball in the same position of the crunch, bring the dumbbells down into your armpits at chest level, press them directly up above your chest.

  • Perform two sets of 25 ball crunches then 15 repetitions of the chest presses. Rest a few seconds in between sets.

5) Tricep Kickbacks/Dumbbell Row Superset- Take a 5-10 pound dumbbell in your hand. Place your feet in a lunge position with your lead foot the opposite of the arm you’re performing. Brace yourself up against a bench or rack of weights with your opposite hand. Place your upper arm close to your body, parallel to the ground with the weight perpendicular to ground. ‘Kick’ the weight back so that your arm is fully extended (parallel to ground now) and squeeze your triceps. Switch leg and arm position for the opposing arm. To perform the dumbbell row, maintain the same position, allow your arm to hang towards the ground and ‘row’ it up to your armpit. Switch leg and arm positions for the opposing arm.

  • Perform two sets of  15 repetitions on each arm for triceps.
  • Perform two sets of 15-20 repetitions on each arm for rows.

6) Abdominal Planks- Lie face down on the ground and support yourself on your toes and elbows/forearms. Keep your head and back perfectly straight while your stay on your toes and elbows/forearms. Control your breathing and perform these sets by time.

  • Hold this position for 30 seconds. Rest 20 seconds. Hold for another 30 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds. Hold for 20 seconds.

7) Light Jog- Lightly jog for 10 minutes to help cool down the body and wrap up the workout.

This workout is a general outline, so feel free to increase/decrease the weights to your strength.

Go Train.

-Papa Swole

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