Triceps Workout: Strength and Volume

The Triceps Brachii, or simply known as ‘triceps’ is a three headed muscle located on the upper rear of the arm that is responsible for extension and stabilization of the arm. The triceps make up approximately 2/3’s of the overall mass of the upper arm, and thus make this particular muscle group a priority for bodybuilding and strength. In order to specifically strengthen and enlarge the triceps, an athlete must target and execute the various movements that will allow for the improvement of all three heads of the triceps. The particular exercises that comprise a workout must focus on strength and volume in order to significantly improve arm strength, supporting lift strength such as bench press, and aesthetically improve the overall shape and tone of the athlete’s arm.

Triceps Brachii Muscle

This workout features specifically targeted exercises and repetition ranges in order to improve not only strength but the overall volume of the triceps brachii. Combine this triceps workout with this Swole Science Bicep workout for a complete upper arm workout. Integrate those two workouts with some grip training for a total arm workout.

1) Seated Triceps Extensions- This exercise allows the athlete to stabilize their body, and in turn isolate the triceps to develop maximum exertion upon the targeted muscle. Have a spotter place the dumbbell at the top of a seated 90 degree up right bench chair. Sit down and grasp the base of the top of the dumbbell. Place your hands at the top of the handle in a diamond shape with the dumbbell handle between your thumbs and index fingers. Lift up and lock out by full extending your arms up above your head.

  • Warm up with appropriate weight for 20 repetitions.
  • Increase the weight significantly to a weight that you can only do 10 repetitions of.
  • Increase 5-10 pounds for the next set and perform until failure.
  • Continue increase the weight for each set until you have performed 4 total sets.  (including the warm up)

2) Weighted dips. Take a weight belt with chain and perform dips with increased weights.

  • Warm up with body weight.
  • Add the appropriate plates that allows just 8 repetitions.
  • Increase the weight to one that allows just 6 repetitions.
  • Increase the weight to one that allows just 4 repetitions.
  • Remove all weight and perform body weight dips to failure.

3) Skull Crushers- Grab the barbell lying down, with palms facing away from you and extend from your forehead to fully extended above you.

  • Perform a weight that allows 6 repetitions.
  • Increase the weight to one that allows just 8 repetitions.
  • Increase the weight to one that allows just 10 repetitions.

4) Rope pull downs. Grab a rope attachment to a cable machine and perform the exercise in strict form from 90 degrees parallel to the ground to fully extended.

  • Place your hands at the ends of the rope attachment and perform 10 repetitions.
  • Increase the weight significantly and perform 4 repetitions.
  • Reduce the weight and perform 8 repetitions.
  • Perform 21’s. Without pause, do 7 repetitions at the top 45 degrees of the 90 degree range of motion, then 7 repetitions at the bottom 45 degrees of the 90 degree range of motion, lastly do 7 full normal repetitions.

Go Train.

-Papa Swole

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