Athletic Performance Workout Featuring Celebrity Trainer Eric Fleishman

SwoleScience has teamed up with featured celebrity and professional athlete trainer Eric Fleishman to bring you an exclusive basic workout system that combines specific non-weighted and weighted exercises with lifestyle guidelines for diet and rest to yield maximum athletic performance. This composition of athletic exercises and diet has been used by Eric in multiple applications from training actors for the Navy SEAL film “Act of Valor”, to working with professional UFC fighters. Eric’s ability to bring out explosive athletic performance in clients hinges on the perfect blending of three things: exercise, diet, and sleep. To check out the exclusive collaborative workout, dietary guidelines, and rest requirements, click ‘Read More’ below.

Act of Valor. All Credits and Rights to Bandito Brothers/Relativity Media

The purpose of this workout is to improve functional strength, athleticism, and overall bodily aesthetic appearance. This style of exercise, diet, and rest will allow the body to develop strength through multiple channels of resistance fueled by a diet that will preserve and build lean muscle, thus simultaneously creating both an anabolic and fat burning state within the body.

Exercise:  Blend the functional movements (non weighted) with a regimen of moderate resistance on the weighted exercises. Implement high reps (up to a maximum of 20) to build muscle that has endurance and strength. Use a staggered system to increase/decrease repetitions and weight, as the body begins to tire. Use this combination of exercises to structure daily workouts that are never the same arrangement of exercises, as well as varying the repetitions and weight as you progress.

Example of this would structuring your workouts in a balanced manner as discussed in our previous training schedule article. What you want to do is combine these exercises via supersets (two exercises paired up and done one right after the other with no rest). Check out our previous article on repetition ranges as well to help structure your workout.

Sample workout-

  1. Push ups (to failure) superset with lat pull downs (Increasing weight, 15 reps, 12 reps, 10 reps)
  2. Curl ups supset (to failure) with bench press (15, 12, 10 reps increasing)
  3. Bicep curl (drop set: Start with 10 rep max, then decreasing weight by 5-10 pounds till 20 reps. No rest in between sets. Rapid decrease of weight increasing of reps)
  4. Walking Lunges super set with mountain climbers (reps of 20)
  5. Triceps extension (drop set: Start with 10 rep max, then decreasing weight by 5-10 pounds till 20 reps. No rest in between sets. Rapid decrease of weight increasing of reps)
  6. Shoulder press (Increasing weight with rep ranges of 20, 15, 12, 10 reps)

Exercises used-

Non weighted:
Push up
Pull up
Chin up
Chase the rabbit
Mt. Climbers
Side kicks
Walking lunges
Contact pads (punches/kicks)
Step ups
Race walking backwards

Bench press
Shoulder press
Lat pull down
Bicep curl
Triceps extension
Leg press
Pull over

Animal based protein
Water based carbs (fruits/veggies)
Lots of water (Gallon a day)

8 hours per night. Keep in mind that hours slept before midnight are more valuable for physical transformation than later.

-Papa Swole and Eric Fleishman

Eric ‘The Trainer’ Fleishman

Eric ‘The Trainer’ Fleishman

Eric Fleishman is an elite celebrity personal trainer who trains some of the most high profile clients in the world from professional athletes to movie stars. Eric is based out of California, has over ten years of experience, and maintains a very high level of involvement within the fitness community through his seminars, events, and training. Check out him out at the links below.

-Papa Swole

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