Featured Professional Mixed Martial Artist Article – Kick Drills and The Darce Choke

Featured Article Written by Professional Mixed Martial Artist Josh ‘The Fire Ball Kid’ Mercado and Papa Swole.

Josh ‘The Fire Ball Kid’ Mercado is back for more Mixed Martial Arts tips and strategy, and this time it is the fundamental elements of kicking combination drills, and the ever infamous Darce choke. If you missed his last article of Basic MMA Strategy, be sure to check it out here. In this article we will explore how to perform the aforementioned Darce submission from halfguard, as well as important kicking drills to integrate into your training, both of which will take your mixed martial arts ability to the next level. Read on to find out!

Josh 'The Fire Ball Kid' Mercado

Kick Drills

As we told  you earlier, we’re going to talk a little bit about kick drills.  The specific kick drills we will be discussing are combination kicks that will allow you to open up an opponent with a nonstop barrage of strikes at the right time. Not only are learning to use these strikes important for offense but these same strikes are very useful for defense as well, and give you the opportunity to attack directly from a block.  So the first series is a jab, cross, kick combination, which sounds simple enough, but this combination has shown its worth by knocking out or damaging opponents out when used forwards for offense or backwards for defense. Now, first jab, then cross normally, but when you kick, target the same leg your kicking with on your opponent. For example if you kick with the back leg, kick the back leg. Once you land the kick, do not bring your leg back and simply plant it down.  With this motion, you’re going to be very close to your opponent with a tremendous amount of built up momentum. As you land, punch with the opposite hand for power (a cross) or land a weighted jab with the opposite hand. The key is to continuously throw jab, cross, kick, jab, cross, kick, repeatedly in a forward or backwards motion to flurry your opponent. Utilize the power opposite punch (cross after kick) after a few continuous flurries, landing this stronger strike will benefit you because you will have worn down your opponent with the first few combinations. Practice this with pads or as a live sparring drill.

Josh's kick combination finds it's target

The Darce Choke from Half Guard

Now, that you have your combination drill down, it’s time to to get our jiu jitsu on. One of the main issues with combat sports school is that they separate jiu jitsu too much as an individual sport. We believe if your sport is MMA and you plan on competing one day or are already competing, it is beyond beneficial to practice your jiu jitsu moves in a stimulated MMA environment with strikes and elements such as ground and pound present. This move that will be taught today, helps to neutralize your opponent’s opportunity to do damage from the ground and is a very effective submission in actual MMA combat. The move we’re going to learn specifically is the darce choke from half guard. Now a lot of people don’t like to sit in half guard, but it can give you more control of your opponent’s body from a broader angle.  First thing you want to do is bait him into the choke, and to do this raise up as if to throw punches. When you do this your opponent will move and post into you. Once that happens shoot your hand under his arm and neck, putting the sharp part of your wrist against the side of his neck (carotid artery) and grabbing your bicep. Once you have your opponent locked in, flatten them out to finish the darce choke simultaneously. The beauty of the Darce Choke from this angle is that it’s simple, easy to apply, and most importantly…sneaky. Check out my instructional video below for a visual example.

Josh ‘The Fire Ball Kid’ Mercado

Josh Mercado is a professional mixed martial artist with: 5 years of experience in the combat sports world, and has taught Muay thai, brazilian jiu jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Josh is a Brown Belt in MMA, standing at 5’6 and weighing 125-135 pounds

Josh is currently undefeated with a record of 2-0-0 in Professional Mixed Martial Arts. Both wins are attained via impressive submissions.

Josh “The Fire Ball Kid” Mercado currently trains at Evolution MMA which is located at:

12013 SW 114 Place

Miami, FL 33176



To Sponsor Josh be sure to contact him at- evolutionmiami@gmail.com

Be sure to Check out Josh on Facebook at- http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=585529326

Also visit his site at- www.thefireballkid.com

Josh is a fierce and calculated athlete that implements his technical prowess, speed and power to dominate his opponents.

Josh 'Fire Ball Kid' Mercado

-Papa Swole

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