Pain and Perseverance

Pain is a double edged sword that on one end allows you invaluable and lifesaving feedback from physical and emotional stress but alternatively can hinder you and your progress beyond measure. The fact is that mental fortitude must be developed in order to circumvent the misguiding of pain in order to persevere towards your goal of overall improvement. With discomfort and weakness comes pain, which triggers the temptation to quit and give up. The only thing that can allow you to continue to fight on is your realization of your own strength, ability, and goals. Continue reading by clicking ‘Read More’ below…

Pushing Through Pain

Pain is simply a mental perception that must be blocked out to overcome weakness and thus become both mentally and physically stronger. It is a sensation that is self manifested during those times of stress which can be overcome by no one but yourself. It is the epitome of self struggle, and you must realize your own potential to overcome yourself. Pain and weakness are brought on by struggles and challenges, the same struggles and challenges that allow you to improve and achieve goals in life. The realization is that life is always hard, and there are always challenges, but just a like a fight or an exercise, it ends, thus you must do your best against the struggle and in life. These adverse situations will be met, and the scars from your perseverance through them will strengthen you both physically and mentally. It is not always about the end result, it is about conquering and achieving something, thereby improving yourself in the process.

The fear and sense of both failure and pain is always prevalent, those who rise above these sensations feel it the same as everyone else, but they just simply chose to not allow these to defeat them. The pain of regret as a result of giving up and giving in is always far greater than the pain of defeat. One quote has rang true in it’s application to adverse situations is: “Don’t give up the ship”, which was first screamed by Commodore Perry during the Battle of Lake Erie (September 10, 1813). This instructional battle cry meant to convey: not give up, do not concede, continue fighting, and never allow yourself to contribute to your own defeat by giving in. If you have never failed, you have never challenged yourself, but what separates winners from losers is they never quit. There are only two ways a person can be truly defeated: if they give up, or if they die.

There is a very big difference between utilizing pain to listen to your body to void injury and giving up at the slightest discomfort. Realize that some pain must be listened to for your health and wellbeing but remember that pain is perception, stay strong, and realize you are stronger than you think you are.

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