Product Review: Kevin ‘Kage’ Pearson Reviews Title MMA Knee/Elbow Pads

Product Review of Title MMA Knee/Elbow Pads by Professional Mixed Martial Artist Kevin ‘Kage’ Pearson.

Kevin ‘kage’ Pearson

I was a little skeptical when it came to wearing knee/elbow pads during my MMA sparring sessions. I thought it would not be natural to train with the extra weight or pads slowing me down. Wearing more gear than others in the gym also reminded me of my childhood days when I would see the overprotective neighbors’ children roller skating with knee, shoulder, elbow, chest, and head gear. I find it hard to practice throwing elbows and knees to someone’s head when we are just practicing. The main reason being fear of injuring each other. Even my knee shots to the body were powered down to about 50% max force. This is because knee and elbow strikes concentrate a tremendous amount of bodily force unto a very small concentrated area that can cause injuries such as cuts very easily.
Another  problem I was having was not from me doing the knee/elbow strike, but rather my sparring partner leg kicking me or trying to knee my body. If they would miss, which was occurring a lot with the newer people training, I would have swollen knees from the kicks and bruised elbows from missed knee strikes. I needed to do something to fix this problem so I ordered the Title MMA knee and elbow guards. These are the real world results.

Kevin Kage Sparring with the Title MMA Pads

Title Knee Pads

Title MMA Knee Pads

The knee guards were on sale for $24.99 at the time, so it seemed like a fair price. They did not feel heavy on me during sparring, but sometimes would move around by the end of a 5 minute round and I would have to reposition during rest. They were also a little more difficult to wear during grappling. When I wore the knee guards with my Title MMA grappling shin pads it solved many of the minor glitches. With the shin pads below the knee guards, everything was much more snug. It would rarely loosen and shift with heavy usage. I found myself launching five times the amount of knee’s per round. I would even attempt more knees to the head and a few flying knees. I wasn’t afraid of hurting my sparring partner, and so far I haven’t had any complaints of rough housing. I could even check kicks and go for take downs with the same mobility as before! Nothing seemed to slow down and I stopped getting hurt. A few people threw some hard kicks that landed on the knee, but the guards protected it. One person even complimented me on wearing them because his shins were not hurting from them. I’ve had these for two months now and I haven’t had a knee bruise since. Overall I think the knee guards are a very underused tool in the MMA community, and they should definitely be a part of every fighters gym gear.

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Kevin Kage Sparring with the Title MMA Knee Pads

The Elbow Pads

The elbow guards were very similar to the knee guards. I would never throw elbows during practice because elbows tend to cut the skin. With the elbow guards, I felt the need to launch elbows every round. Pummeling was less tight with the extra gear, but holding a thai clinch was the same. During ground and pound day I would wear them atleast one of the rounds. When I would get hit from others wearing elbow pads it would feel similar to a glove hitting me. I do notice the weight in the later rounds from wearing the pads. My arms would feel heavy after about 15mins. I may get used to it as my shoulders adjust to the added weight but this definitely takes some time adapting to. In the past while pummeling and/or in the clinch, I would often get kneed in the elbow joint and go home to ice my swollen extremities and take ibuprofen so the pain wouldn’t bother me as much. These elbow guards can absorb that impact and eliminate that problem. Anyone who wants to better their elbow usage and protect them from damaging blows during sparring should check out some elbow pads.

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Darkside Athletics Athletes Ryan Hodge and Aaron Conway Utilize the New Pads

Kevin ‘Kage’ Pearson is a professional mixed martial artist with: twenty years of boxing experience, six years of brazilian jiu jitsu, countless amateur kickboxing/boxing/MMA fights, and is certified personal trainer and martial arts coach.

Kevin ‘Kage’ Pearson currently trains at F2 Arena & Darkside Athletics located at:

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