Product Review: NOVO Absolute Watch

The NOVO watch company is a new brand of watches that caters to the action sports community through their unique expression of style. You may have seen NOVO through their sponsorships of professional athletes from mixed martial artists to snowboarders to BMX. Recently, NOVO was gracious enough to send us over one of their ‘Absolute’ model watches for review. Read more below to check it out…

NOVO Watches

The Absolute

The watch came mounted in a cylindrical padded container along with an instruction booklet and sticker.

The NOVO watch container. Photo credit and rights reserved by

The Contents of the NOVO watch package. Photo credit and rights reserved by

This model of the Absolute came in a classic stainless steel finish that featured a bold black and white rotating face that was implemented as part of the watch to tell the time. One aspect that truly sets this watch apart is the spinning logo of the watch is used as the hour hand, while using a separate hand smaller hand for the minutes.

The NOVO Absolute. Photo credit and rights reserved by

The watch’s styling and presence is very bold and sleek, with a large bezel and thick locking band. The weight of the watch is also impressive due to the fact that it strikes a noticeable and welcomed balance between being too heavy and too flimsy. As aforementioned the actual bezel of watch is large both in width and height but remains sleek on the users wrist due to the curves of the watch. The band of the watch has a standard double locking mechanism that keeps the watch firmly in place. The rear of the watch is polished and features some of the technical specifications of the watch. The fit of the watch is excellent with the watch seating itself very comfortably on the wrist and very easily adjusted in size by removing/adding links. The Absolute is water resistant to¬†3 ATM, is 43mm diameter, and 12mm thick.


The Absolute model comes in two finishes: black and stainless steel, and retails directly from NOVO for $220 (black) and $200 (silver). There are also two other models available in various finishes that range in price from $160-$240. The price is definitely a very reasonable price for the watch given the fit, quality, and styling.


There were no negatives associated with this product. Although personally, we would like to see an ‘extreme’ model in the future with classic NOVO styling and full waterproof capability that can be worn while diving.


The NOVO Watch brand hails from Canada and sponsors action sports athletes from a wide variety of sports. Including:


  • Jordan Mein
  • Derek Boyle
  • Stephen Beaumont


  • Thomas Gronberg
  • Chance Jensen
  • Charlie Dale


  • Joshua Thomas
  • Ryan Spate


  • Bruce Cook
  • Kris Garwasiuk


  • Johnny Korthius
  • Scott Alleyn


  • Andreas Unterberger


  • Adam Trupish

Check out NOVO watches directly at their website here.


-Papa Swole

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