The Official SwoleScience Anthem by Andres Puerta

Music is a tremendous part of the athletic training process. It has been scientifically shown to decrease stress levels, increase the anaerobic threshold, motivate, improve focus, and decrease pain sensitivity. Several months ago Team SwoleScience contacted an incredibly talented independent musician based out of Miami, Florida by the name of Andres Puerta to create an official anthem that embodied the attitude and intensity of SwoleScience. The song needed to possess not only an incredible level of appeal, but motivating enough to help you push yourself beyond your limits. After reviewing the excellence of his previously work, the process began to collaborate and create the SwoleScience Anthem. The result is a completely original composition that incorporates and represents SwoleScience. Click ‘Read More’ to listen…

Andres Puerta- The SwoleScience Anthem

Andres Puerta’s own words on the creation and inspiration for the SwoleScience Anthem.

First of all, this is an honor. When Swole Science presented me with the idea of having me create a track for them, the first thing I thought was, “alright, this one has to be BIG…” I began thinking about the feel of events such as UFC and the caliber of athletes that have been featured on the site. As things turned out, my goal with this track was to embody a real sense of adrenaline and power. I hope that listeners will become motivated to take on physical feats and push themselves to their highest potential. Hopefully, it grasps the feeling MMA fighters and all athletes get when they step into the arena of competition.

I am always trying to take my music to the next level, so I hope others do the same with their physical stature. LISTEN AND ENJOY!
– Andres Puerta
The SwoleScience Anthem

Andres Puerta is an enormous talent in genre blending, crossover style, and is incredibly versatile as a producer. A big fan of dub step and electro, Puerta keeps his style unique by blending atmospheric melodies and heavy rythms with elements of hard-rock. Andres’ passion and musical savvy have landed him gigs at some of Miami’s most elite hotel parties and nightclubs, including Karu and Y, once host to artists such as Above and Beyond and Danny Tenaglia. Andres continues to produce, create new music, perform, and expand not only his fans but his involvement within the music industry as a whole.

Check him out at the links below!

-Papa Swole

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